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Antigüedades Linares is the oldest antique shop in Spain. The Linares family, after decades dedicated to the business of art, founded their first galley in 1883 within the enclosure of the Alhambra, in the city of Granada, Spain. That is where the whole business began, selling popular objects and furniture to tourists, mostly from the USA. They would sell typical home appliances, house furniture and decorative objects you would find in any Spanish house those days. The business was moving forward and, subsequently, there were shops opened in all the most important cities of Spain. Among other cities, you could find shops in Barcelona, Seville, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca, Toledo, Gran Canaria and Madrid. The business continued to grow and was focused on paintings, sculptures and furniture from the high period of Spanish art. The heyday was in the mid of the XXth century, a period of depression in Spain but with an important tourism inflow, both European and American. During this gold period of antiques, the business grew tremendously and the shop achieved a large and important art collection. The parent company in Granada gave place to the new headquarters in Madrid, where an amazing galley was built with more than 2000 m2 in the centre of the city's cultural and artistic life. From this shop there were pieces sent to the most important collections of the world and it also cooperated with a lot of national and international museums. The Prado Museum in Madrid, the Louvre Museum in Paris, the Metropolitan Museum in New York, the National Gallery in London and the Arts Institute in Chicago (among others) have some pieces proceeding from Antigüedades Linares. Today, the business is managed by the fifth family generation and remains as an independent gallery. We are specialized in antique paintings, sculptures and furniture form the XIVth to the XVIIIth century with special emphasis on the Spanish school. The idea of business has adapted itself to the current market tendencies; the assistance to international art fairs, monographic exposures and our approach towards modern decoration and architecture are the pillars of our business now days. Currently, the gallery is located at the heart of art in Madrid with a modern equipped space where to quietly visit an important collection of art.

The sensibility towards art nowadays has helped to increase the amount of clients, building a clientele that does not only limit itself to the museums' world. On the other hand, the opening of frontiers has allowed the market to be more international and therefore, nowadays, our client portfolio is spread of all over the world, especially in USA and European countries such as United Kingdom, Italy and France. The development of South American countries has also improved the market demand. A huge advantage is their cultural affinity with Spain; therefore, in countries such as Argentina, Venezuela or Colombia they have been tremendously active in the past decades.

Thanks to the development of new communication technology based on the Internet, the communication with clients from abroad is much easier and it has improved and highly strengthened our market. On the other hand, it also has facilitated the knowledge of our clients who are more and more instructed in the knowledge of art and decoration. All of this contributes to build a more competitive, wide, close and richer international market.

Fortunately, Spain was always a country of artists and, therefore, we have a very important cultural legacy. Currently, the Spanish art market is one of the most important ones of the world. From Antigüedades Linares we try to approach the demanded tendencies and there are a series of artists who are very appreciated nowadays; we work with Spanish masters such as Goya, El Greco, Zurbarán or Ribera; still life painters, so demanded today, such as Juan de Arellano, Thomas Hiepes, Juan de Zurbarán, Antonio Ponce or Espinosa and sculptors such as Gregorio Fernández, Martínez Montañés, Berruguete or Juan de Juni.

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